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What are Your Online Business Goals?

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GoalMany people go into business and especially an online business with little direction.  They have no concrete goals in place, so it’s little wonder they find themselves feeling somewhat lost to say the least!

Establishing goals is essential if you want to succeed in any area of your life, and this is especially important when building a business.

One of the first things you should do when thinking of moving your existing business online or starting a new online business is first to work out exactly what you want to achieve.

“Lots of money” isn’t specific enough either (although we’d all like that!).  So get yourself some paper and a pen and start writing.  Write down what you want for your business.  What type of clients do you want to attract?  How much in the way of profits do you want to make? What kind of business do you want it to be?

What you write down should be so specific that when you finally achieve your goal, you will definitely know it!

This is only Step 1 of achieving success, but is of course one of the most important steps!


3 Responses to “What are Your Online Business Goals?”
  1. Gimo says:

    Yes it is not because it is an online business that you don’t have to build a solid business plan. Well said Michelle Green…the result will be nothing as well so it does make sense.

  2. Michelle Green says:

    Thanks Gimo. Your comment is much appreciated. :)


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  1. If you aim at nothing, you will hit the target every time!

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