Monday, July 24, 2017

One online marketing strategy that works

Today I’m going to briefly cover one of the online marketing strategies I have used to generate some quick cash.

This is a simple but involved process and involves some consistent effort.

If you follow this, you will see results!

1. Get yourself a blog (duh!).  The ebook I offer free from this website will get you started.

2. Get yourself a and a site.

3. Post one article on your main blog every day for 30 days. Link from each of these articles to the product you are selling.

4. Post summaries of that article (rewrite slightly so they’re not exactly the same) on each of the and blogger blogs.  Link from these blogs back to your main blog.

5. Post one article per day for 30 days to Ezine articles. Link from each article back to your main blog.

6. Keep this going for 30 days and you will see results as your website’s popularity is boosted over time.

Now, if you’ve got no time to write these articles, then you might want to purchase some PLR.  But don’t go for traditional PLR because you’re going to create more harm than good.

Instead, check this out if you want quality content for your website:

I’ve only got weight loss articles there right now, but I’ll be creating packages in other niches soon.


4 Responses to “One online marketing strategy that works”
  1. Right. Start with the basic stuffs. Social networking, blogs and article submissions.

  2. Michelle Green says:

    Most definitely! Start small and build from there! :)


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