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Can you write at a high school level? This might be for you!

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For years now I had a dream to work for myself, and until the last few years I had no clue what working for myself would involve, or what I would be doing to make money.  I discovered the world of internet marketing in 2005 and there I began a journey like no other I had ever experienced!

I was offered an opportunity in February this year that would have given me my dream – working from home!  But for various reasons that were out of our control, it didn’t eventuate, although the offer itself planted a seed in my mind, that I really could be working for myself finally after all these years!

So I began a quest to find something to help me achieve my goal of working full time for myself from June 30, 2009. I had a few web development clients, and I had written a few ebooks, and had some success with article marketing.  So I figured that if I really focused on one of these, I would achieve my goal.

In May of this year I was fortunate enough to meet somebody who was able to help me change my life forever.  This was totally unexpected but it really put a new light on things.

This person was Barry Walls and he was coaching people how to make crazy amounts of money online.  I wanted to know more!

After a few messages back and forth, I asked Barry if he could coach me.  Of course he said yes, and here I am in October, sitting in my home office – working from home!  No more am I getting up in the dark to go to work each day!  My daughters get much more time with me, and I’m there for them if and when they need me. Yesterday I spent several hours in town, eating lunch in an expensive restaurant, while looking out at the river. I love my life!

Ok, so how did I get to this point?

Barry started off by sending me the first of 12 modules, which included instructions to help me set up my own writing business.

I’d never thought to write for other people before, and I really didn’t think I’d be able to compete.  There were people out there writing for peanuts!  But Barry showed me how to get past all that.

Anyway, within ONE day I had my first writing client.  I was initially able to juggle my writing work with my “normal” work, so this all worked out well.  But then something happened….

All of a sudden I was bombarded with work!  The money I had paid Barry to coach me was made back within 2 weeks and I was feeling really overwhelmed so had to get really good at managing my time.  At one point my workload was so overwhelming that I had to take leave from work to get it under control.

It was during my holiday that I realised the true potential of my new online business.  In one day I made the same amount of money I would have if I had been working for my boss.  Wow!  NOW I was getting excited!

My goal due date was nearing – I had a goal to work for myself by June 30 remember?  So I made a decision….

I decided to quit my job with a finish date of June 26.  4 days early.

I knew that as my business continued to grow, I would not be physically able to manage both my work and my business, so my job had to go.  And go it did!

Saying goodbye to my job was a wonderful feeling and of course a little scary too.  But this was my long time dream, and I was going to make a huge success of it no matter what!

It’s now five months later and not only am I writing for my many repeat clients, but I also have a team of people working for me, covering some of the aspects of the business I don’t have the time (or the inclination) to do.  Not only that, but I am also offering additional services to my clients that I outsource, and of course I’m also coaching people on how to build their own websites, which I love doing!

I found out yesterday that one of Barry’s other students was making around $800 per day and recently came across another who had made $180 in one hour.  Yet another had her 12 year old son writing articles and he was making around $35 per hour doing so!  How many 12 year olds do you know that make that?!

My income varies from around $200 per day, up to $1000 per day and all depends on how “good” I am! 😉  Not bad considering I only started this in May huh?  And not only that, with each and every module Barry sends me, I’m learning even more ways to make money and leverage my time.

If you want to know more about this online business idea and how it can give you what it gave me – the realisation of my dream – then visit

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