Monday, July 24, 2017

Think you can’t make money in the weight loss niche? Think again!

I love a good challenge, and some time ago I came across people who were saying that it was not possible to make money in one of the biggest niches around, weight loss. You only have to look around you to work out that obesity is a HUGE problem all around the world, so it’s […]

A business opportunity with a difference

Are you still one of the gazillions of people out there who’s looking for that business opportunity of a lifetime, which will ultimately bring you the financial freedom you desire? I was one of these people and now I have found it. And I am EXCITED!!! Every week I am “hanging out” with people from […]

One online marketing strategy that works

Today I’m going to briefly cover one of the online marketing strategies I have used to generate some quick cash. This is a simple but involved process and involves some consistent effort. If you follow this, you will see results! 1. Get yourself a blog (duh!).  The ebook I offer free from this website will […]

Keep them short but sweet!

Do you find that people on your database are unsubscribing after each and every email you send out? This is because most people are busy – they don’t have time to be reading countless email after email… but what if you could make your emails sooo useful that your subscribers looked forward to each and […]

Can you write at a high school level? This might be for you!

October 22, 2009 by  
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For years now I had a dream to work for myself, and until the last few years I had no clue what working for myself would involve, or what I would be doing to make money.  I discovered the world of internet marketing in 2005 and there I began a journey like no other I […]

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